Villagers warned against illegal fishing in Mukonchi dam

People in Khova Ward of Luangeni Constituency have been warned to stop illegal harvesting of fish in Mukonchi dam.

Luangeni Member of Parliament Charles Zulu says that any person caught fishing in the dam illegally will be prosecuted.

Mr. Zulu says 200 kwacha has been offered to anyone who will catch any person fishing in the dam.

He says people should have sense of ownership for the dam as well as the fish by providing security.

Mr. Zulu says the fish in the dam which was stocked last year will be ready for harvest after six months adding that plans are that once harvested, they will be sold to shopping malls at a wholesale price.

He says the money realized from the sale of fish from the dam will be used to develop other projects instead of waiting for the CDF, Constituency Development Fund from the government.

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