Voters are voting in six local government by-elections in Petauke and Lundazi districts.

Eastern Province is today holding five local government by-elections in Petauke district and one by-election in Lundazi district.
Four by-elections in Petauke come as a result of councillors resigning from MMD, Movement for Multi-Party Democracy while one by-election comes as a result of death.
The wards holding by-elections in Petauke are Mateyo Muzeka Ward, Singozi, Koyane, Mawanda and Ukwimi.
And in Lundazi district, the by-election is taking place in Kajilime Ward, were a councillor lost his seat after being convicted for criminal trespass.
Meanwhile voters in Kapiri Mposhi and Lukulu West have started voting in the two parliamentary by-elections.
The two parliamentary by-elections follow the nullification of the election of Lawrence Zimba as Member of Parliament for Kapiri Mposhi and Misheck Mutelo as Lukulu West Member of Parliament by the Supreme Court on 30th January this year.

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