Vubwi District Commissioner, Enelesi Banda accused of campaigning for Patriotic Front Party.

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy MMD has accused Vubwi District Commissioner, Enelesi Banda of campaigning for PF, Patriotic Front Party candidate, Margaret Miti in the Vubwi parliamentary by-election.

MMD Provincial Secretary, Samuel Lugomo Phiri has charged that Ms. Banda has been moving with Ms. Miti introducing her to various people.

Mr. Phiri claims that the district commissioner has also been distributing application forms for CDF, Constituency Development Fund, with intentions to woo support for Ms. Miti.

He has warned Ms. Banda to desist from politicizing her office, stating that MMD will not seat back idle and watch electoral rules being flouted since the campaign period has not yet started.

He further told Breeze News that MMD is shocked by Ms. Banda’s action because civil servants are not supposed to participate in active politics.

But when contacted, Ms. Banda denied any wrongdoing stating that at no time has she introduced Ms. Miti to any one or distributed CDF application forms.

She described the allegations as lies, stating that she has no time for politics but government developmental programmes.

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