Vubwi District Council confirms mix-ups in district plan implementation

Vubwi District Council has confirmed mix-ups created in implementation of district plans.
Council Secretary, John Kamanga says that one of the mix-ups involves the construction of a high cost district commissioner’s house, which was built in a low cost area.
Mr. Kamanga explained that this resulted into the house sitting on four plots, a situation which forced the local authority to change the whole area into high cost.
He also revealed that the council almost changed land use, which was meant for government offices, because it was issued for residential plots.
Mr. Kamanga however, indicated that he has taken a strong stance that the area will not be changed into a residential area adding that residents have been given alternative land.
And the council secretary further revealed that another mix-up was made where a plot that was issued for construction of a filling station was also issued for construction of a guest house.
Mr. Kamanga stated that he was concerned that the developer of the guest house was given authority to continue developing by the Eastern Province Planning Authority.
He warned that government in Vubwi needed to be careful as they might end up distorting all the original plans for the district.

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