Vubwi Member of Parliament, Dr. Eustakio Kazonga accused of failing to fulfil 2011 campaign promises.

Some villagers in Chief Mlolo’s area in Vubwi district have expressed anger over unfulfilled campaign promises by area Member of Parliament, Eustakio Kazonga.
Mkwabile Village Headman Boniface Mvula says that Dr. Kazonga promised to drill boreholes and build a bridge across Namwera stream if re-elected.
The traditional leader says that despite the voters having voted for Dr. Kazonga in 2011, nothing has been done.
He complained that villagers are drinking water from shallow wells where domestic animals also drink from, a situation which he described as a health hazard.
And when contacted, Dr. Kazonga says that he is waiting for the release of CDF, Constituency Development Fund to drill boreholes while government is also expected to drill more boreholes in the area.
He further explained that the construction of a bridge across Namwera has been prioritized and that they were in the process of submitting to the council in Chadiza for inclusion in the work plan.

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