Water levels at Lutembwe Dam One and Two still stable

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company might not face similar challenges of last year in supplying water to its clients due to drying up of water plants.

Company Managing Director, Lyton Kanowa says that water levels at Lutembwe Dam One and Two still look stable.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Kanowa stated that spillways at both dams were still spilling, an indication, that the water levels are still high.

He says that this is unlike last year during the same period, when Lutembwe Dam One had already shown signs of drying up.

Mr. Kanowa explained that the company has no problem with Lutembwe Dam Two but will need to monitor Lutembwe Dam One, which was seriously affected last year.

He stated that it was most likely that the two dams would survive the dry season and keep a constant supply of the commodity to customers.

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