Water problem gets worse in Chief Chinunda

The water problem in parts of Chief Chinunda’s area in Chipata is reportedly getting out of hand, with PF Chipangali Youth chairperson, Tizifa Banda, saying that in some villages, people are going for three days without access to safe clean drinking water.

Mr. Banda says people are also likely to start losing domestic animals such as cattle and goats.

He says that the water situation is acute and that if nothing is done, the area may soon record outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid and dysentery.

Mr. Banda noted that a lot of people used to rely on shallow wells in gardens for water, but the situation has turned worse, as the shallow wells have also dried up.

A similar situation is prevailing in Mlangeni area of Chief Chanje, where people are facing acute water shortage.

Villagers told Breeze News that they walk long distances to access safe clean drinking water.

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