Water problem hits Naviluli Ward in Chadiza district

A civic leader in Chadiza district has bemoaned lack of safe and clean drinking water in his area.
Naviluli Ward Councillor Misheck Mbewe says that people in his ward are walking long distances in search of clean water.
Mr. Mbewe says that his ward has 46 villages and 6 farm sections but has only 28 running boreholes.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Mbewe indicated that domestic animals are dying because the dams in the area have all dried up.

Mr. Mbewe has appealed to the government to consider drilling more boreholes in the ward as people are drinking unclean water, which is a health hazard.
And Mr. Mbewe complained of the hunger situation that has hit the area.
He says that most people especially the aged are in a critical hunger situation and quick action must be taken by government to assist the villagers.

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