Water shortage hits some parts of Chipata district for four days.

Serious shortage of water has hit David Kaunda and Kalongola Site and Service in Chipata for the past four days.
The situation has forced residents in the two areas to walk long distances to fetch water while others are using their vehicles to carry water from other parts of town.
Speaking to Breeze News, the residents say that Eastern Water and Sewerage Company need to find a solution to the problem rather than attributing the erratic supply of water to low power voltage at the water plants.
The residents also say that they appreciate long term plans which the water company has put in place to improve water supply in the area, but indicated that they need an interim measure.
Earlier this week, Eastern Water and Sewerage Company indicated that it has procured a water buzzer to be supplying water to people in Kapata area during the dry season when the company is facing difficulties to pump water.
The water company also indicated that government had released 3.5 million Kwacha for specific water works in selected parts of the district.

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