Water shortage hits some parts of Kasenengwa in Chipata.

A critical water shortage for people and domestic animals has hit some parts of Kasenengwa Constituency in Chipata.

Speaking to Breeze News, Layson Mumba of Chief Madzimawe’s area says that if nothing is done to avert the water problem, famers will lose their domestic animals.

He revealed that 21 cattle have already died from water deficiency.

Mr. Mumba says the village has 400 households against one borehole that is operational adding that this forces people to wake up as early as 03 hours to fetch drinking water.

And Thedsoni Zulu of Moya Jere village said lack of safe drinking water has put villagers in a desperate situation as the area does not have a dam.

He called on government to quickly drill boreholes and construct dams to save the lives of people and domestic animals.

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