Water supply problem looming

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company says that there is a possibility that not enough ground water will be collected during this year’s rainy season.

Company Managing Director Lytone Kanowa says that this means water supply during the dry season might be affected.

Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Mr. Kanowa says that the company does not rely on runoff water but rather on ground water recharge.

He says when the ground is saturated with water; the rest of the water becomes river flow during the rainy season which is what is used by the company as their source of water.

Mr. Kanowa says that this year’s rainy season has been interrupted by long dry spells in parts of the province.

He says that districts that are mostly affected by little river flow during the dry season are Chipata and Lundazi.

The managing director however, says that the company will continue monitoring river flow in all districts so that people in affected areas are warned about the looming water shortage three months beforehand.

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