Water supply to Prisons Department in Nyimba district disconnected.

Eastern Water and Sewerage Company has disconnected water supply to Prisons Department in Nyimba district for almost three days.

This is in a bid to recover more than 1.2 million Kwacha, which the Prisons Department owes the water company in unsettled bills.

Managing Director, Lytone Kanowa has confirmed to Breeze News stating that the company will disconnect all customers that have not paid their bills.

He says that the huge bill, which stands at 8.2 million Kwacha, is preventing the company from improving services in districts like Chipata, Mambwe, Petauke and Nyimba.

But the move to disconnect water supply to Nyimba Prisons has angered the Prisons Command in Eastern Province, who have accused the company of being insensitive to the plight of inmates.

Regional Commanding Officer Chief Superintendent Moses Chipokolo says the move has put 184 inmates at the Prison in an awkward situation.

Chief Superintendent Chipokolo told Breeze News that he pleaded with authorities at Eastern Water and Sewerage Company not to disconnect water supply but they refused, a situation which has forced him to report the matter to the office of the Permanent Secretary.

He disclosed that he has information that the water company wants to disconnect water supply to all prisons in Eastern Province, a move, which will cause serious problems.




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