Waterborne diseases are looming at Nabvutika Market in Chipata due to uncollected garbage.

Waterborne diseases are looming at Nabvutika Market in Chipata because of accumulating garbage, which has not been collected for three months.
Zone three Chairperson, Ignatius Ngoma told Breeze News that the garbage has started producing maggots, which are finding their way into the market stands.
Mr. Ngoma says that the outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera is imminent, if the garbage is not removed immediately.
He wondered why the council is failing to remove the garbage when marketeers are consistent in paying levies.
Mr. Ngoma also says that previously the council was unable to collect garbage because they did not have a front end loader but that this is not the case as the local authority purchased a truck for garbage collection.
He has also appealed to the council management to ensure that council workers working in toilets at the market are given protective wear.
And when contacted for comment, Chipata Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga said that she would give the council’s position on the matter later.

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