Woman jailed for assisting girl to abort

A 40 years old woman of Chief Mwangala’s area in Chadiza district has been sentenced to 28 months imprisonment for supplying drugs to a teenager with intent to procure abortion.

Appearing before Magistrate Fred Musaka was Delifa Banda of Kaliza village.

Facts before court are that Delifa Banda on September 12, 2016 assisted a 17 year old girl of a neighbouring village to terminate the pregnancy by means of inserting some herbs into the girl’s private parts using a stick.

It is alleged the girl who was accompanied by her boyfriend developed abdominal pains hours after the process had been done and was rushed to Taferansoni Rural Health Centre where she was admitted and had a complete abortion.

Banda accepted the charge.

And in mitigation Banda asked the court to be lenient with her as she is looking after 6 children who are going to school, stating that they would suffer if she is sent to prison.

But when passing judgement Magistrate Fred Musaka said the offence Banda committed was a serious one and that he was sending her to jail to deter would be offenders from committing a similar offence.

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