Women’s Lobby question President Lungu why only one female inmate was pardoned

The Zambia National Women’s Lobby has expressed concern with President Edgar Lungu’s decision to only pardon one female out of 30 inmates during this year’s Africa Freedom Day.

In an interview with Breeze News, Chipata District Chairperson, Diana Tonga, says that such a decision was unfair to the female prisoners in Eastern Province.

Ms. Tonga charged that the male prisoners who were pardoned probably committed worse crimes than some of the female prisoners that have not been pardoned.

She has called on President Lungu to be more considerate towards the female prisoners the next time he decides to pardon inmates.

On Tuesday, President Edgar Lungu pardoned and released 159 inmates across the country under the Presidential powers vested in him by Article 59 (d) of the constitution of Zambia.

Eastern Province Prisons Regional Commander, Paul Mwizabi Simasiku indicated that only one from the 30 inmates was female.

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