Works on 10 abandoned government houses in Vubwi district resume.

Construction works of 10 medium cost houses have resumed in Vubwi district after being abandoned for some time.
Vubwi District Commissioner, Enelesi Banda has confirmed to Breeze News.
Ms Banda says that the works resumed after KBM Construction Company, which had left the site in unclear circumstances returned to the district.
She however, says that works for the remaining 20 small cost houses have not resumed as the contractor hired to execute the project has not returned.
Last month, Ms Banda revealed that the two projects had stalled after the two contractors left and that the matter was being handled by the Ministry of Works and Supply.
And Ms Banda says that KBM Construction Company has assured her office that it will not leave the works until they are completed.
She also indicated that the contractor had applied for an extension of the construction period for the eight months project.

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