Works on the Great East Road have resumed after a three weeks break.

Works on the Great East Road have resumed after Motor Engil and Condril, the contractors working on the Lungawa- Mwami Border stretch went on a three weeks industrial break.
Road Development Agency, RDA Provincial Senior Engineer, Joseph Mubiana confirmed this to Breeze News.
Mr. Mubiana says Motor Engil is currently applying a 40 Millimetre asphalt concrete with a base of crushed stones on Umodzi Highway, to make the stretch stronger because of the heavy traffic using the road.
He says that the contractor is also paving the road sides, to create walk ways and cyclist sides.
Mr. Mubiana says the contractor will also work on the road junctions at the end of the contract by Mid-year, adding that the road will also have good drainage system and street lights.
He added that the road will have all the requirements such as the Zebra Crossings, Road marks, Road signs, humps and also stads to reflect during night time.
Mr. Mubiana however, says the Sinda- Petauke stretch may delay to be completed because Condril Construction Company delayed to mobilise equipment.
The contractor also had challenges finding a source for stones, as they are now getting stones from Luangwa.

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