World Bank gives a go aheard

The World Bank has given the Provincial Administration a go ahead to start using funds allocated to the Zambia Integrated Forest and Landscape Programme ZIFLP.

Provincial Planner Noel Muchimba revealed this during the round table meeting held in Chipata district.

Mr. Muchimba indicated that the Provincial Administration was yesterday authorized to start spending the thirty-two point eight million United States dollars.

He says that the programme was introduced in 2017 but the provincial administration had been waiting for all the legal paper work to be done before they could start using the funds.

Mr. Muchimba says the project is targeting all nine districts in the province and will work towards improving Forestry, Agriculture, Wildlife and Land use Planning and Management.

The Provincial Planner says that the project will ran for a period of five years from 2017 to 2021.

He says other than providing other means of earning a living for all the people who are in any practice that affect the environment, the project also has an additional thirty million dollars to pay people in the province in carbon credits.

Mr. Muchimba says that the project will also make sure that communities empowered to grow certain crops, have a good market for their crops.

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