YALI challenges ECZ on some provisions of the amended constitution.

The Young Africa Leaders Initiative YALI has accused ECZ, Electoral Commission of Zambia of misleading candidates that once they have successfully filed in the nomination, they cannot be disqualified.

YALI Governance Advisor Isaac Mwanza says that this is contrary to Article 52, clause 6, of the Constitution as amended.

Mr. Mwanza says that YALI would like to put in on record that the Commissions’ failure to disqualify a candidate whose status has changed or where information appears that the candidate has become disqualified under the Constitution is setting a bad precedent on how the commission will conduct elections.

He says that Article 51 as read with Article 56 and 70 is clear that only persons who are not members of the political party qualify to participate as Independents.

Mr. Mwanza explains that Article 51(a) says that “a person is eligible for election as an independent candidate for a National Assembly seat if the person is not a member of a political party before the date of the election.

He says that YALI is surprised that ECZ can fail to give proper guidance on candidates whose status change.

Last week ECZ indicated that it would not disqualify an independent candidate for Lundazi parliamentary seat after he reversed his decision to resign from PF.

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