Youth and Sports Minister, Vincent Mwale admits lapses in managing Youth Development Fund.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has acknowledged administrative lapses in the monitoring of YDF, Youth Development Fund projects.
Speaking to Breeze News, Minister, Vincent Mwale, said that his office had observed that part of the reason why most youths are failing to pay back the loans is because of a lack of adequate supervision from the provincial officers under the youth department.
Mr. Mwale says that the youths are taking advantage of the limited supervision to abuse the loans which were given to them, by using the money for other purposes.
He says that this is why the ministry has decided to integrate all District Commissioners and Council Secretaries throughout the country to help monitor all YDF projects.
Mr. Mwale assured that the ministry will continue to probe and find other ways of ensuring that the loan recovery system becomes effective.
During a budget tracking programme on Breeze FM last week, it came to light that over 80 per cent of YDF loans acquired since 2012 have not yet been paid back.

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