Youth Development Foundation calls for an end to political violence

The Youth Development Foundation YDF has expressed deep concern over political violence being recorded in the country.

And YDF is starting a project that is meant to assist women candidates, who will contest various political positions in the August 11 general elections.

YDF Executive Director, Chinoya Muyeye says that his organizations is deeply saddened with the political violence in the country and called on political parties to stop.

He was speaking this morning during a meeting to unveil a project called “Voice of Today’s Electorates” VOTE, which is basically focused at promoting and advocating for women adoption in the fourth- coming general elections.

Mr Muyeye further expressed concern that very few civil society organizations have condemned the political violence.

And Mr Muyeye expressed concern with current statistics of women representation in parliament and those holding positions of councilors.

He stated that out of 150 members of parliament, only 43 are women while in Eastern Province only three out of 169 councilors are women.

Mr Muyeye called for support for the project, which will be implemented in Chadiza, Chipata, Katete, Mambwe and Lundazi districts.


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