Youths advised to celebrate responsibily

Youths have been called upon to refrain from indulging themselves in illicit activities during Youth Day celebration.

Speaking during a radio programme on Breeze FM, Provincial Youth Officer Trywel Moonga and a Chipata youth Simon Nkhoma say youths should celebrate the day with exemplary behavior.

The duo says many youths celebrate the day differently by involving themselves in beer drinking, fights and illicit sex, which exposes them to contracting HIV.

They say the day is meant to showcase what a youth is able to do in order to develop the country and sustain their living.

The duo says that the day is also meant to remember the young people that fought to liberate this country from the bondage of colonialization.

And Mr. Moonga and Simon say this year’s theme ‘’Unity and Innovation for Smart Zambia’’ is a challenge to youths to work towards sustainable development and better living standards.

They say that this is a time to tell the government what youths are lacking and what young people are doing to earn a living.

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