Youths in Zambia and Malawi faced with similar challenges

Zambia and Malawi are facing similar challenges that affect young people in society.

A representative of the Youth Environment Network from Malawi, Linda Kamtsendero observed that youths from both countries are faced with challenges such as unemployment, Substance abuse and HIV/AIDS that hinder their development.

Ms. Kamtsendero says it is important for the two countries to co-operate in the near future and find a lasting solution to these challenges.

Ms. Kamtsendero was speaking on the side-lines of the Youth Environment Network training in Chipata.

And a representative from the Youth Environment Network in Zambia, Kabaso Nkandu, says young people need to be included in issues of the environment so that they make informed decisions.

Mr. Nkandu says this is the reason why youths from Zambia and Malawi have come together to learn on how best they can help curb activities that encourage deforestation, which has affected both countries.

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