YWCA angers Chief Misholo

The Pwata Paralegal YWCA, Young Women Christian Association has been banned from operating in Chief Misholo’s area in Chipata district.

Coordinator Patson Ngoma who is also headman Chitimbe has confirmed the development, stating that this follows a suspected rape case involving a Malawian and a school girl.

Mr. Ngoma alleges that some villagers in the area demolished a sign post for Pwata Paralegal, a day after Chief Misholo banned them from operating in the area.

He says that YWCA had referred the rape matter to Madzimawe Foundation.

And when contacted for comment, Chief Misholo accused Mr. Ngoma of undermining his authority.

He explained that he had no problem with YWCA operating in his chiefdom, but he does not want Mr. Ngoma to be operating in his area.

The traditional leader stated that from the time the YWCA Paralegal desk started operating in his area, they have never given him a report about their operations.

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