ZABS increases the number of inspections on imported general goods

The Zambia Bureau of Standards ZABS has increased the number of inspections on imported general goods in the second quarter of 2016 by 51.5%.

The products were inspected to ensure that they conform to the required and set Zambian standards and to also check that they are reliable and safe for public use and consumption.

ZABS Head of Marketing and Public Relations, Hazel Zulu confirmed this to Breeze News in a statement.

Mrs. Zulu says that during the 1st quarter of 2016, the Bureau inspected about 3,900 product consignments imported from various countries.

She says that in the second quarter the Bureau increased the number to about 5,930 consignments bringing the total number of goods inspected between January and June this year to about 9,847.

The products entered into the country through various border entry points particularly Nakonde, Chirundu, and Livingstone, Katima mulilo, Kazungula, Chanida and Mwami borders.

Mrs. Zulu says that this shows a progression of 2,017 product consignments which translates into 51.5%.

The increase in the number of inspections on imports can be attributed to the increase in the levels of understanding and adherence to importation procedures by various importing companies.

The goods inspected include food items which were 620, chemicals which were 1,480, fertilizer consignments which were 1, 519 and rubber products which were 161.

Other inspected items include electrical items which were 426, construction materials which were 13, fuel products which were 1,424 and 138 consignments of textile materials. The consignment for beverages was 151.


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