Zambia Police unearth internet fraud

The Zambia Police has unearthed a scam where some unscrupulous people are using the name of the first lady to defraud people.

Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo says that some fraudsters have initiated a fake face book page in the name of the First lady advertising that the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry MCTI is providing grants through the World Bank Project for Entrepreneurs and Empowerment programmes to people in business.

Ms Katongo says that the fraudsters are also purporting that there will be a Global Entrepreneurship Forum being organized in Kenya to which a lot of people have been asked to fill up and submit a fake detail personal form.

She says that the form indicates “2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit” bearing their fake Logo, that of the World Bank and the Zambian Coat of Arm.

Ms Katongo says that unsuspecting people are being requested to deposit the money in various accounts upon filling up the form through readily available means such as money Cash Transfer, Bank Accounts and Western Union.

She says that police investigations have found that some of these accounts are foreign while others are local.

The fraudsters are deceiving interested people to submit business plans ranging from a minimum of 5, 000 to a maximum of 200, 000 Kwacha.

The police spokesperson has warned that police will deal with anyone involved in the scam because the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry, has no any activity related to empowerment programmes of entrepreneurs and farmers.


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