Zambia Revenue Authority says Withholding Tax on Rental Income is not a new tax.

The Zambia Revenue Authority ZRA has defended itself over demands that it scraps off Withholding Tax on rental Income.
ZRA Commissioner General, Berlin Msisika says that the Withholding Tax on rental income has been misunderstood by most members of the public.
Mr. Msisika says that there are insinuations that the tax has just been introduced when in fact it has been in force since 1970s.
He also says that members of the public need to understand that Withholding Tax is also applicable on interest, commissions, dividends, management and consultancy fees.
Mr. Msiska has also explained that ZRA in January last year reduced the rate of Withholding Tax on rental income from 15 per cent to 10 per cent.
The decision by ZRA to strictly collect Withholding Tax on Rental Income has sparked an outcry from most stakeholders, with some appealing for its removal.

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