Zambia Revenue Authority told to strengthen tax compliance

Minister of Finance, Alexander Chikwanda has challenged ZRA, the Zambia Revenue Authority, to strengthen tax compliance amidst the country’s economy challenges due to external economic pressures.
Mr. Chikwanda explained that the modernization which government has backed through resource injection has raised the efficiency levels and eliminated adverse human factors.
He also noted that the infusion of IT has revolutionised revenue collections, but that there are still incidences beyond the residual issues of large illicit consignments hitting the market.
Mr. Chikwanda was speaking yesterday when he commissioned ZRA staff houses built at a cost of three point Six million Kwacha at Mwami Border post in Chipata.
He said that the launch of the houses at Mwami border was not an isolated incidence, as more houses were commissioned across the country throughout last year, with an aim of motivating workers.
Mr. Chikwanda implored ZRA officers not be complacent despite achieving good accomplishments.
He explained that this is because although the authority performed beyond targets, the amounts of revenue collected are way below the required resources for various developments in the country.
Meanwhile, Mr. Chikwanda says that with the adverse weather pattern experienced so far in 2016, the year is likely to be challenging for the country.
And Mr. Chikwanda urged PF youths not to engage in any acts of violence, but ensure that they beat their opponents through the ballot box on August 11.
And chairperson of the ZRA Governing Board, Mwila Lumbwe, observed that for a long time, officers operating at Mwami Border had to commute, a situation which was creating a security risk as far as revenue collection is concerned.
He explained that the construction of the houses is part of ZRA’s modernization programme.
Meanwhile, ZRA Director Commissioner General, Berlin Msiska disclosed that Mwami border collected 44 million Kwacha in various taxes.
He also explained that over 10 thousand declarations were made, stating that the border post is a good entry and exit point for the Nakara Corridor.

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