Zambia with highest levels of deforestation in the world.

Government says the country has been rated number one in the world in terms of deforestation and carbon emission.

Speaking during the launch of Bio-Carbon Partners Project BCP in Senior Chief Lwembe’s area in Nyimba, District Commissioner Peter Kunda says a land assessment by the government has revealed that Zambia is rated number one in deforestation and carbon emission adding that this was confirmed by the Department of Forestry.

Colonel Kaunda further says that deforestation has contributed to climate change and global warming world over.

He says 276 thousand hectares is being destroyed through deforestation every year in Zambia, by cutting timber, charcoal burning, farming and fire wood.

Colonel Kunda says people need to act now to protect the forest by stopping to cut trees anyhow adding that the trend is threatening the livelihood of the people.

The district commissioner says human beings, animals and other living creatures depend on the forest to survive.

Meanwhile Bio-Carbon Partners BCP has given a cheque worth 579 thousand kwacha conservation fee to the community of Lwembe Chiefdom in Nyimba District.

Speaking during the launch of the project, Bio-Carbon Partners Managing Director Hassan Sachedina said that the money is for the people of Lwembe, who have demonstrated their willingness to conserve the forest for the past six years, since 2011 when the project was introduced in the chiefdom.

Mr. Sachedina handed the cheque to Community Resource Based CRB committees and Village Agency Groups VAG in the area through Chief Lwembe, who is the patron of the committees.

He says the money is a forest conservation fee that will go towards different developmental projects initiated by the communities themselves adding that the company hopes the money will bring value to the people of Lwembe chiefdom.

Mr. Sachedina explained that for the past six years the people of Lwembe had impressed him because of how they preserve the forest, which forced him to source for money from USAID United States Agency for International Development.

He further revealed that the company is operating in two Chiefdoms in Nyimba District, Lwembe and Nyalugwe while other districts such as Rufunsa, Mambwe and Lundazi are benefiting from the project.

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