Zambian Kwacha suffers depreciation against other convertible currencies.

The Zambian Kwacha has suffered serious depreciation against other convertible currencies.
A check by Breeze Business News on Tuesday afternoon found the United States dollar buying at 7 Kwacha 74 Ngwee and buying at 7 Kwacha 90 Ngwee.
The UK pound is now buying at 12 Kwacha and selling at 12 Kwacha 28 Ngwee.
The Energy Regulation Board ERB on Monday increased prices of fuel citing poor performance of the Zambian Kwacha against the US dollar.
Meanwhile the decision by Bank of Zambia BOZ to introduce new notes, which are user friendly to the visually impaired people, has cheered the Zambia National Federation of the Blind in Eastern Province.
Provincial Chairperson, Samson Njobvu told Breeze Business News that the new notes, which will have special features, which the blind can easily identify, will facilitate easy business transaction.
Mr. Njobvu also noted that most blind people have been facing challenges to identify the notes, resulting in most people stealing from them.
Meanwhile the increase in fuel prices has continued to spark mixed reactions from various sectors.
Special Education of Zambia Acting President, Exodus Chilebwe says that the visually impaired and deaf people will be adversely affected.
Mr. Chilebwe explained that since taxi and bus operators have indicated that they will increase fares, most of their members will not afford to move with their guides.
He says that this will result in their members facing serious difficulties in finding their way in central business areas of most towns, which are usually busy.
Mr. Chilebwe says that his organisation will soon be putting up a proposal to government where guides for people who are blind are charged half fares.

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