Zambian media accused of promoting dependency sydrome

The Zambian Media has been accused of influencing people to be more dependent on government than being self-reliant.
Breeze FM Staffer, Diana Ngwenyama reports from Lusaka that this came to light during a workshop on Business Reporting, which is organised by Partners Guide.
Partners Guide Commercial Director, Rey Wilburn observed that most stories are politically inclined than they are development oriented.
Mr. Wilburn expressed concern that business reporting remains underdevelopment due to misplaced priorities.
And Outgoing Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, Lina Nordstrom has observed that the media has become saturated with lies and speculations.
Ms. Nordstrom called for journalists to dig deeper and investigate the stories, which they are working on.
She further says that press freedom is a valid requirement in a democratic country like Zambia but that it should not be abused.

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