Zambians accused of trafficking Malawians to work in farms under inhumane conditions.

Malawian peasant farmers have allegedly fallen prey to some Zambian nationals in the habit of trafficking them to work on their farms under inhumane conditions.
This came to light during the bilateral talks between the Zambian and Malawian security wings in Chipata yesterday.
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hannings Motha from the Malawian Central region, said that police in Malawi are on the lookout for incidences of human trafficking.
Mr. Motha says that this is after receiving intelligence reports that some Malawians are being trafficked into Zambia to work as peasant farmers under very harsh conditions.
He further observed that both countries have been embroiled in issues to do with land encroachment at the Zambia/Malawia border.
The Deputy Commissioner says that many Zambian nationals have been found guilty of encroaching onto land belonging to the Malawian government, whilst Malawian nationals have also been implicated in similar offenses.
Mr. Motha says that there is need for continued border patrols as the two countries have assisted each other in combating crime in the border area.
And commenting on the death of a Zambian, Lioyd Musesa, who was mistakenly shot dead by Malawian police last year in December, Mr. Motha says that the Director of Public Prosecution has been given the case to handle, so that justice can be served.

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