Zambians called upon to participate in referendum

President Edgar Lungu has appealed to Zambians to come out in numbers and participate in the referendum, which will be held together with this year’s elections.

Mr. Lungu says that this is important as the referendum will help approve or disapprove the bill of rights.

President Lungu said this during a press conference on the state of the nation.

During the press conference, President Lungu has highlighted a number of achievements of the Patriotic Front government, from the time it was voted into office.

President Lungu says that in 2013, government increased salaries for public service workers of up to 250 percent.

He also noted that the PF government further increased the minimum wage of domestic workers from about 130 to 500 Kwacha.

Mr. Lungu says that government managed to increase the number of beneficiaries under the social cash transfer in order to improve the lives of the poor.

He also highlighted that the PF government is expanding training institutes, which include Lundazi, Chipata and Ukwimi in Eastern province.

President Edgar Lungu also pointed out the issuance of more broadcasting licenses to radio stations as one of the major achievements.

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