Zambians told to produce products for use and export to stabilise the Kwacha.

Provincial Minister, Malozo Sichone has cautioned Zambians against politicising the free fall of the Zambian Kwacha.
Mr. Sichone says that the free fall of the Kwacha is a global problem as the South African Rand, Kenyan shilling, Tanzanian shelling, Nigerian Naira and Chinese yuan have tumbled worse than the Kwacha.
He has advised that the best way to address the problem is by Zambia bringing in more forex through exports.
Mr. Sichone however, says that this is a challenge because most Zambians are not involved in producing products that can bring in forex.
He has noted that only foreigners based in Zambia produce exotic vegetables, keep chickens, grow wheat and run good hair salons.
The minister has noted that over 1,000 used cars have been entering Zambia’s borders every day and that this culminates into over 6 million US dollars or more going out of the Zambian economy every day.
He says that this is besides the millions of Kwacha that Zambians use to import spare parts for their vehicles.
Mr. Sichone has charged that at Kasumbalesa, it is mostly Congolese living in Zambia that export mealie meal and few merchandise into Congo.
The provincial minister has advised Zambians to stop the culture of talking anyhow and concentrate on working at improving the country’s economy.

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