Zambians who have settled near Kasungu National Park of Malawi asked to leave before July 31st.

Government has advised Zambians settled in Malawi near Kasungu National Park to vacate the area before July 31st this year.
Eastern Province Minister, Malozo Sichone told the settlers that it was important for the people affected to leave the place before further misunderstandings arise with the Malawian government on the international boundary.
Mr. Sichone says that the situation at Mwasemphangwe should not sour the relationship the Zambian government has enjoyed with Malawi.
Mr. Sichone was speaking when he inspected the boundary in Lundazi district.
He further explained that her Royal Highness, Chieftainess Mwasemphangwe has already offered land for the people to settle in Zambia.
Zambians were found to have settled in Malawi beyond the international boundary comprising a number of households.
Some villagers affected include those in Samwa, Tilos, Bandwe, John, Chaja and Mwangula.

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