Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia George Zulu defends his acquisition of Farm D98

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia George Zulu has confirmed having title to Farm D98 in Vubwi district where 202 farmers have settled.
Speaking to Breeze News in a telephone interview from Australia, Mr. Zulu, however, denied complaints from the farmers that he wants to evict them.
He explained that he has had title to 1,165 hectors of the farm land since 2013 after acquiring the property through the Ministry of Agriculture.
Mr. Zulu says that there was nothing illegal in the way he acquired the farm as all processes were followed until after the Commissioner of Lands issued him with title.
And Mr. Zulu says that he will not chase anyone from the farm because he is willing to stay with them and that he will have to agree with them on how to work together.
He explained that the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Lands want to issue titles to all the farmers that have settled in the farm block, which is being re-planned.
And Mr. Zulu accused some politicians of wanting to politicize the matter due to their interest to contest the 2016 general elections.
Last week, the farmers petitioned the Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo to investigate how Mr. Zulu bought the farm, which previously belonged to TBZ, the Tobacco Board of the Zambia.
The farmers vowed that they will not leave because they have settled on the farm since 1972.

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