Zambia’s political situation worries the clergy

A clergyman in Chadiza district has expressed worry over the current political situation in some parts of the country.

Pastor Onias Tembo of Grace Ministries says that the current political situation where people are burning institutions and markets is very worrying.

Reverend Tembo says that destroying buildings and properties will not solve the problems at hand but affect development in the country.

He advised all political leaders to tame their cadres and engage in dialogue as the best way of expressing their anger.

The Reverend says that Zambians ought to love one another regardless of their tribal or political affiliations.

And Pastor James Mphanza of RCZ, Reformed Church in Zambia says that every person has an obligation to submit to the governing authorities.

Pastor Mphanza says that anyone who does not submit to the governing authorities, rebels against the law of the land.

He stated that the church can never be separated from the government adding that the church will always support the government of the day.

The two clergymen were speaking during the inter-domination prayers organised by the District Pastors Fellowship Association to pray for peace of the nation and successful construction of the national house of prayer in Lusaka.

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