ZAWA gun down a vicious lion in Lundazi district

One of the lions that have been killing domestic animals and terrorising villagers in Chiefs Zumwanda and Chikomeni areas of Lundazi district has been killed.
Lundazi District Zambia Wildlife Authority ZAWA Park Ranger, Joseph Bwalya confirmed the development to Breeze News in Lundazi.
Mr. Bwalya stated that the vicious lion was killed on Tuesday around 16 hours along Lusangazi River after a long trail by officers.
He indicated that the lion was one of the two lions that strayed from Musalangu Game Management Area in Chief Chikomeni.
Mr. Bwalya also revealed that the stray lions killed a number of domestic animals that include cattle, goats and pigs in Mbunge, Mateyo, Samuel and Zingale villages.
He further disclosed that reports of lions terrorising villagers and killing domestic animals was first recorded on 1st June, 2015.
Mr. Bwalya cautioned villagers in the affected areas to be on the lookout for the remaining lioness, which he stated could become aggressive.
Meanwhile several Lundazi residents flocked to the Lundazi magistrate court to have a look at the dead lion which was displayed at court premises.

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