ZESCO asked to further break down the 75 percent proposed tariff adjustment.

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation ZESCO has been asked to further break down the percentage of the proposed tariff adjustment.

Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry EPCCI says that this will assist to provide relief and reduce the cost of doing business.

EPCCI President Thomas Mtonga says that the 50 per cent increment for May and a further 25 per cent increment for September are too much for ordinary Zambians.

Mr. Mtonga says that although electricity tariffs in Zambia are low compared to other countries in the region, a gradual increment would be the best way to handle the issue.

He says that EPCCI is aware that ZESCO wants to ensure that its operations are cost efficient but the country’s economy has not been performing well.

Mr. Mtonga says that the proposed 75 per cent increment should be implemented for a long period unlike within five months.

ZESCO on Sunday indicated that domestic consumers who use less than 300 units per month will not be affected by the tariff adjustment.

Spokesperson Henry Kapata called on consumers to maintain power usage discipline if they are to continue buying electricity at 15 ngwee per unit.

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