ZESCO embarks on a project to improve power supply to Eastern and Northern Provinces.

ZESCO has embarked on the construction of two power lines after successfully awarding a contract to TBEA of China at a cost of 330 million United States dollars.
The projects for the construction of two lines would start from Pensulo Substation in Serenje through Mpika to Kasama while the other from Pensulo to Chipata West Substation.
ZESCO Principal Public Relations Officer Yammie Zimba has confirmed the development.
She says that the construction of a 330 kV line from Pensulo substation to Kasama will cover a distance of 386 Kilometres while the 330 Kv line from Pensulo to Chipata West substation will cover a distance of 255 kilometres.
Ms Zimba says the construction of the two lines is expected to be completed by 2015.
She says the contractor is currently working on bush clearing and tower placement adding that actual works would start before the end of next month.
Ms. Zimba further says that the construction of the power lines will improve power quality and attract massive investment possibilities in processing plants.
Meanwhile Ms Zimba also says plans were underway for the extension of the line from either Msoro or Chipata to newly created Vubwi District.
She says plans were also underway to connect Lundazi and Chama Districts to the national grid from the new West Substation at 132kV.

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