ZESCO is losing about 50,000 Kwacha every month due to vandalism in Msoro area.

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation ZESCO is losing about 50,000 Kwacha every month in Msoro area due to vandalism on its properties.
ZESCO Regional Manager, Yobe Mukonka disclosed this during a sensitisation meeting held by the power company in Msoro, Mambwe District.
And ZESCO Security Manager Ben Mwanakawa stated that government is working together with ZESCO to improve electricity infrastructure in the country.
Mr Mwanakawa said that a lot of money has been invested to rehabilitate and expand the generation transmission and distribution capacity to ensure that the electricity industry is able to support the fast growing economy.
He however, noted that the efforts being made by government and ZESCO are being frustrated by vandalism.
And Mambwe District Commissioner, Janet Palukani stated that Msoro was an ideal area for the campaign against vandalism because it has five power transmission lines passing through the chiefdom.
Ms Palukani noted that electricity is the most useful energy resource which drives the nation’s economy and that any disturbances affect the wellbeing of the people.
And Chief Msoro warned his subjects to stay away from such crime.

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