ZESCO load shedding sparks increase in charcoal production

The Forestry Department has seen an increase in charcoal production since load shedding by ZESCO started.
Provincial Forestry Officer, Sylvester Siame told Breeze News that a lot of people have resorted to charcoal burning from the time the load shedding started.
Mr. Siame also says that officers involved in patrols that have been put up to monitor most routes, have discovered that the charcoal banners do not follow the regulations.
Mr. Siame says that this has led to a lot of land being degraded.
He has appealed to all charcoal producers in the province to be getting licenses so that they are advised on how to burn charcoal without damaging the environment.
Mr. Siame further says that doing so will assist in maintaining tree spices for the sake of having a favorable climate for the province.
And Mr. Siame says his department has already started making tree nurseries at M’supazi and Chimzele for the next tree planting exercise.

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