ZNFU happy with new policy on maize floor price

The Zambia National Farmers Union ZNFU has welcomes President Edgar Lungu’s pronouncement that government will no longer set maize prices.

Regional Manager Virgil Malambo says that Zambia has a liberalized economy which should allow market forces to determine the price.

Mr. Malambo noted that the price which government offered during this year’s maize marketing was far lower than what the private sector was offering.

He says that it was clear that maize prices in border towns like Chipata were very high, something which farmers should have taken advantage off.

Mr. Malambo however, cautioned that such a move would affect small scale farmers, who might not be able to bargain with private buyers.

He says that it is therefore, important that small scale farmers associate themselves with unions, which should bargain the buying prices on their behalf.

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