ZNFU starts e-voucher preparations

The Zambia National Farmers Union ZNFU in Eastern Province has commenced the recruitment exercise for personnel to help with the distribution of e-voucher cards to eligible farmers in Chipata, Katete and Petauke districts.

ZNFU Regional Manager Virgil Malambo told NAIS that his union hopes to recruit about 60 personnel to help with the card distribution exercise expected to commence before the end of this month.

Mr. Malambo says ZNFU remains committed to ensuring that eligible farmers receive the e-voucher cards before the on-set of the planting rains.

The Government, through the Ministry of Agriculture, has tasked ZNFU with the responsibility to print and distribute the e- voucher cards to farmers in the three districts in Eastern Province.

Forty-seven thousand seven hundred and thirty-six farmers are ear-marked to benefit from the e-voucher system in Chipata district, while 26, 869 and 28, 633 farmers will benefit in Katete and Petauke districts respectively.

The rest of the districts in Eastern province will access inputs using the conventional FISP, Farmer Input Support Programme system.


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