ZNUT in Chipata accuses their leaders of clinching a raw deal

Zambia National Union of Teachers, ZNUT in Chipata is unhappy with the salary increment awarded by government yesterday.
The union has condemned their representatives stating that the agreement signed with government is contrary to what was agreed by the four unions.
The four teacher Unions include BETUZ, the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia, PROTUZ, Professional Teachers’ Union of Zambia and SESTUZ, the Secondary Schools Teachers Union of Zambia.
ZNUT Chipata District Chairperson, Isaac Ngoma told Breeze News that it is disappointing to see their union mother bodies going ahead to sign the agreement that was rejected by the district.
Mr. Ngoma says that the salary increment ranging from 4.3 per cent to 19.4 per cent is too little for teachers, considering the high economic standards of the country.
Mr. Ngoma says teachers were expecting a reasonable salary increment after two years of wage freeze.
He added that the representatives from the four teacher unions have not represented them well because they have not listened to their cry.

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