ZNUT in Mambwe unhappy over delayed salaries

Zambia National Union of Teachers ZNUT in Mambwe District has appealed to government to be consistent with dates in which to pay salaries to civil servants.

Mambwe District Chairperson Weston Phiri told Breeze News that delay in paying salaries to civil servants has subjected members to misery because what they budget for, in a month, runs out before they get another salary.

Mr. Phiri says government needs to address the matter because the delay in salaries is frustrating teachers.

He says government should also release pay slips early so that teachers are able to understand what salary they will receive and budget properly for it.

Mr. Phiri says that it is a condition that a worker should have a payslip before getting his or her salary adding that government is obligated to print pay slips before salaries are released.

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