ZNUT says this year’s teacher recruitment should address the shortage of staff in rural schools.

The Zambia National Union of Teachers, ZNUT in Eastern Province, says that the current teacher recruitment exercise offers an opportunity to the Ministry of Education to ensure that rural schools have enough teachers.
Provincial Chairperson, Alakwisa Phiri, has observed that rural schools are the worst hit with the teacher pupil ratio problem.
He explained that while some schools in towns have two teachers per class, rural schools are faced with a serious shortage.
Mr. Phiri called for what he termed as decongestion of township schools and sending more teachers into rural areas.
He says that the teacher shortage in rural areas is forcing some teachers to handle more classes.
And Mr. Phiri says that those that are applying for deployment must be ready to serve in rural parts of the province.
He says that this is will help improve the quality of education offered in rural areas.

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