ZNUT welcomes withdrawal of Head Teachers Association recognition

Zambia National Union of Teacher ZNUT has welcomed government’s decision to withdraw its recognition from Head Teachers Association of Zambia.
Chipata District ZNUT Chairperson, Isaac Ngoma says that the formation of the association was not backed by any statute.
Speaking to Breeze News Mr Ngoma says that because of this, the role of the association was not clearly defined thereby leaving room for abuse.
He says that there was also unnecessary bureaucracy in the already well defined and established structures in the Ministry of Education.
Mr. Ngoma has noted that in some cases, the role of some associations dealing with co-curricular activities was overshadowed by the Head Teachers Association of Zambia.
He has pointed out that the registration of associations is supposed to be done by the Registrar of Societies but it is doubtful if this was the case with the association of head teachers.

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