ZNUT will not protect cheating teachers during exams

Teachers in Chipata district have been warned against involving themselves in examination malpractices.
Zambia National Union of Teachers, ZNUT Chipata District Secretary, Kenneth Sinakaimbi told Breeze News that the union will not be responsible for any teacher who will be involved in examination malpractices.
Mr. Sinakaimbi urged teaches to conduct themselves professionally by staying away from any exam malpractices as grade nine pupils start their practical examinations this month.
And Mr. Sinakaimbi has urged teachers to desist from moving from one union to another.
He says that despite teachers having the right to belong to any union, it is not right for teachers to be changing unions as this may have a negative impact on their profession.
Mr. Sinakaimbi has also advised teachers to turn up in large numbers and celebrate their achievements during the Teacher’s Day, which falls on October 5th.

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