ZRA increase tax collection by more than 100 per cent

The Zambia Revenue Authority, ZRA has increased the collection of tax from about 350 thousand Kwacha to over one million Kwacha per month from its over 7,000 tax payers in Eastern Province.

ZRA Eastern Province Regional Manager Musonda Lukwesa told Breeze News that ZRA was collecting 350 thousand kwacha per month from 2012 to 2014 but since last year, the collections have improved to one million four hundred kwacha.

Mr. Lukwesa says this has been achieved through team work and broadening the tax base to other districts like Nyimba, Petauke and Lundazi.

Mr. Lukwesa added that the increased collection is also due to a lot of education ZRA is offering to traders on the importance of paying tax.

And Mr. Lukwesa says ZRA is facing challenges in collecting tax from some traders at Down Shops in Chipata because they do not issue receipts to their customers, whenever they sell goods.

He says ZRA needs to conduct a serious audit on some traders at Down Shops because there is a big leakage and government may be losing out.

Mr. Lukwesa urged people to develop an attitude of demanding for receipts which records all the business transactions.

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